Protecting today
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Our innovative technologies have been designed with sustainability and operational efficiencies in mind.

The installation solution, and change-out processes are equally straightforward, which means you can not only sustain, but even enhance your production performance.


Our H2OPE AD technology is designed to minimise the impact of handling digestate on the environment, whilst optimising the valuable nutrients into saleable by-products. The zero-waste solution can be used on-site to deliver a viable and sustainable option when it comes to digestate treatment.

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Our H2OPE technology is designed to tackle the challenge of responsibly – and economically – reducing and treating organic slurries, manure and food waste.
The on-site, zero-waste, energy efficient slurry treatment technology transforms what was once a burdensome ‘waste’ product into valuable, high-quality by-products.

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DRAM Filtration

DRAM Filtration is a bespoke treatment system, proven to remove an array of contaminants including organic, inorganic and biological products. Depending on the nature of your specific challenge, DRAM can work in partnership with supplementary technologies and solutions, or as a stand-alone unit, to filter and remediate various water streams.

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Mechanical Dewatering Module

Our Mechanical Dewatering Module (MDM), is a screw-press derived dewatering and liquid separation system, designed to dewater liquid slurries with the utmost energy efficient process. It not only removes the liquid phase, but also ensures maximum capture of micro-solids.

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Proteus Meter

The Proteus meter is the world’s first scientifically proven real-time sensor for measuring BOD that can be utilised for a wide range of applications. The technology allows for real-time data measurement of parameters such as BOD, COD and many others.

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