Protecting today
with tomorrow's

Our innovative technologies have been designed with sustainability and operational efficiencies in mind.

The installation solution, and change-out processes are equally straightforward, which means you can not only sustain, but even enhance your production performance.


PLUTUS is a leading-edge organic remediation process, which revolutionises available technologies to the Fish Farm sector. It ultimately creates value from fish waste processing, taking what was once an onerous and costly co-product and turning it into a valued commodity.

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BioAction Products

SEM BioAction products are based on naturally occurring non-pathogenic, probiotic bacteria that effectively digest effluent in-situ without using any chemicals, biocides or synthetic enzymes.

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EPONA solution is a pioneering process removing volatile contaminants and de-watering effluent streams. The system can be customised to optimise valuable by-products with high protein content including animal feed.

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H2OPE is a radically new system. Its primary function is value creation, with organic treatment being a serendipitous part of the journey. Revolutionising how businesses recycle their organic waste, while simultaneously cutting their carbon footprint, H2OPE transforms what was once a burden co-product into a valued commodity.

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I-DAF is an established, renowned as one of the most economical and efficient technologies for treating wastewater containing elevated levels of solids or oils. Our intelligent autonomous DAF solution maximises the removal of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), heavy metals and oils, fats and greases, while minimising the use of chemicals.

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DRAM Filtration

DRAM Filtration is a bespoke treatment system, proven to remove an array of contaminants including organic, inorganic and biological products. Depending on the nature of your specific challenge, DRAM can work in partnership with supplementary technologies and solutions, or as a stand-alone unit, to filter and remediate various water streams.

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Mechanical De-watering Module (MDM)

The Mechanical Dewatering Module is a screw-press, de-watering / liquid system. It not only removes the liquid phase form slurries, but also captures micro-solids as small as colloidal particles ensuring maximum solids capture and minimal solids matter in treated filtrate.

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Capture is a revolutionary innovative filtration system that helps food processors comply with the waste regulations and eliminate unnecessary expenses that can incur during processing of potato peel, potato starch, or fats, oil and greases.

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Proteus Meter

The Proteus meter is the world’s first scientifically proven real-time sensor for measuring BOD that can be utilised for a wide range of applications. The technology allows for real-time data measurement of parameters such as BOD, COD and many others.

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