About Us

with shades
of green

SEM was born of a relentless drive to do things differently, to help both businesses – and the environments they inhabit – to flourish.

We are an environmentally conscious sustainability partner in waste and water effluent treatment.

We avidly embrace and pioneer disruptive new technologies that process co-products from ‘waste’ streams, create operational efficiencies and deliver innovative water treatment solutions for industry.

“The reason we feel so passionately about creating and supporting an accountable economy is because we understand what the picture looks like if we don’t.”

Grant Leslie

Our Team

SEM was launched in 2016, when founders Grant Leslie and John Jones joined forces to create a business that would harness leading-edge technology to ‘change the world’ or at least to make a start.

We welcomed Sandy Beveridge on board in 2018 to complete our management team. A technical visionary, there was no one better to help drive our mission.

Since then, team SEM has grown dramatically.

Comprising scientists, engineers and technological disruptors, we are pioneering waste and water management solutions for today and tomorrow.

Our Technologies

Local solutions,
on a global scale

We are proud of our Scottish roots. We’re firmly planted in our bases in the core of Aberdeen, and in the heart of rural Aberdeenshire. After all, it’s where the SEM story started.

But we have gone on to expand our reach, sharing that same SEM commitment to customer service and technical excellence with our industry partners around the globe.

With offices in the Netherlands, Middle East and North America, we are working with customers in the world’s industrial hubs to revolutionise their water and waste management processes. Nurturing our vision of a zero-waste, circular economy.