Mechanical Dewatering Module

Conquering the weight in water

Organic slurries such as digestate from biogas or slurry from agriculture, contain a high proportion of water, which turns disposal into a costly affair.

Our Mechanical Dewatering Module (MDM), is a screw-press derived dewatering and liquid separation system, designed to dewater with the utmost energy efficient process. It not only removes the liquid phase, but also ensures maximum capture of micro-solids.

Removing water from these materials ensures a mass volume reduction prior to further treatment or disposal.

The MDM technology can be used as a stand-alone unit, or it can be incorporated with additional components as part of a more complex existing treatment train.

What’s in it for you and the planet?

  • Mass volume reduction
  • Reduction in storage requirements
  • Less eutrophication
  • Water can be recycled and polished for re-use
  • Decreased transportation/haulage requirements
  • Modular design can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure
  • Maximum solids capture for further treatment via H2OPE

MDM Specifications

  • Applications
    • Slurry and digestate dewatering
    • Segregation of food waste
    • Separation of oily slops
    • Liquid separation of produced water

Applicable SDGs

How does the dewatering technology work?

  • MDM is a screw-press technology which slowly compresses ‘waste’.
  • The ‘waste’ passes through the system in a pressurised environment to remove a high volume of liquid.
  • Its intelligent design includes flanged connections which means all material passing through the system can be directed and controlled.
  • As a result, micro-solids are captured and re-circulated through the system to ensure maximum capture capacity.