Crafting sustainable distillery production methods

Protecting nature, preserving resources and preventing climate change is all part and parcel of the distillery industry’s transition towards a more sustainable footing.

Our industry has far-reaching ambitions to do better for our planet. Not least because crafting precious spirit depends on natural resources, but also because preserving our Scottish heritage safeguards the unique character of our whisky.

We aim to:

  • slash greenhouse gas emissions;
  • use water responsibly;
  • move towards a circular economy;
  • embrace our duty of care for the land.

As we focus on the future, investing in innovation, managing co-product streams and maintaining water quality will help us to reach these targets.

  • The distillery sector is committed to reaching net-zero targets by 2040.
    Scotch Whisky Association
  • 443,000 tonnes of Scotch whisky distillery by-products (dry matter equivalent) were produced in 2019.

Unlocking the potential of distillery co-products

Using our leading-edge technologies and suite of ‘green’ chemicals, we implement on-site solutions which assess, monitor, manage and treat pot ale, spent lees and tank washings.

Our technologies reduce co-product volumes and allow for re-purposing of dry-matter outputs or safe discharge of clean water to local watercourses.

At our own on-site laboratory, we’re able to determine the most efficient process to treat co-product streams. Our internationally recognised scientists analyse distillery co-products to design and deliver the best technical solution.

Our approach makes good business sense. It also makes sound environmental sense. By reducing emissions from tankers on our roads, and protecting the ecosystems from potentially harmful outputs, we are sustaining the distillery industry, and fostering the evolution of a circular economy.

Key Benefits

  • Reduction in off-site transportation of co-products
  • Minimised chemical usage
  • Significant carbon footprint reduction
  • Whole site management solution
  • Production of valuable by-products


  • Water Monitoring
    The world’s first real-time monitor for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD).

    Monitoring water quality is an integral part of efficient distillery operations. Effluent streams pose a threat to our environment if they are discharged without adequate treatment and the relevant discharge consents.

    Our innovative Proteus Meter is a water quality monitoring device which places this information at your fingertips.

    With 13 sensors, the technology provides live data for over 30 parameters, including Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and pH, while minimising the need for manual handling.

    Learn more about Proteus
  • Heavy Metal Remediation
    DRAM is proven to remove more than 90% of metallic components from wastewater.

    Distillery wastewater often contains heavy metals such as arsenic, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, zinc and cadmium. These heavy metals can be potentially hazardous to our environment and wildlife.

    DRAM is a revolutionary filtration solution which has been proven to remove an array of contaminants including heavy metals, organic, inorganic and biological compounds from wastewater.

    Learn more about DRAM

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