• Past Event: 5th Jun 2020
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World Environment Day

Although the World Environment Day has been celebrated since 1974, the need to raise awareness and take action to protect our planet is more pressing than ever. Our CEO, John Jones, provides his thoughts on the matter and highlights the need to take action to help save the environment.

Why is it important?

Days such as the World Environment Day are important to recognise and play a significant role in raising awareness of environmental issues, but this should be an everyday practice. However, as a company, we see these events as opportunities to showcase what we have done as a collective but also make the world realise how important looking after the environment is. World Environment day should be every day.

How are we helping?

Working across industries, small changes are just not enough anymore. We are looking at solutions that can very quickly transform huge industries, such as Agriculture. Agriculture gets a really bad reputation for its environmental impact and a lot of it is due to the sheer amount of population. We need to think about producing all the food to feed this amount of population which is a very environmentally intensive process. Remediating solids and water from the agricultural processes, not only we can affect the industry very quickly but most importantly, change the way by-products are produced on a global scale.

What about biodiversity?

Solving today’s environmental issues goes hand-in-hand with biodiversity but a lot of it is also about education. We are a technology company, but we still cannot ignore the fact that we have to showcase good practices and education on this topic. This can be anything from sustainable farming, fishing, good agricultural practices for vegetable growth, integration of vertical farming or growth media manufacture.

How can we act today to save tomorrow?

There are many small changes that businesses and individuals can adopt to make a great impact on the environment. By adapting green procurement practices, businesses not only source products and services that pose minimal harm to the environment but also contribute to growth of local economies, while minimising the environmental impact.

On an individual level, food waste is a huge problem globally and meal planning, something as small as that can make a huge difference and have a significant impact if people start to plan their meals, shorten their shopping lists and really think about the production of food waste. There is not only an environmental benefit to that but there is an economic benefit as well.

With such steps, we can really affect the big picture.

SEM; Environmental with shades of green.