• 3rd Sep 2020
  • Company News

Petroleum Coke Solution – Petrox

Petroleum coke is a carbon rich solid by-product of the crude oil refinery process. “Petcoke” for short, is a substance that can be hard or relatively soft and has a porous texture with a likeness to coal. It is produced from both fluid and delayed coking operations and is often utilised as a low-grade fuel, cement and in the production of aluminium and steel.

Whilst Petcoke can be of some value, the build-up of the substance can occur on critical equipment as a scale and can be detrimental to the overall production process.

At SEM, we have utilised our expertise to develop a pioneering solution, Petrox, that can effectively remediate the loss of efficiency in the refinery process, whilst ensuring cost effectiveness and well-maintained safety at all times. This ultimately will result in minimal downtime and decreased environmental, health and safety risks.

Not only is Petrox less aggressive than a variety of other acid-based products, ensuring it safe to use on a variety of metals and acid resistant surfaces but it is non-fuming, making it substantially more user friendly. It can be diluted with water over a range of concentrations, meaning that it is suitable for many different application methods and surfaces including heat exchangers.