SEM Energy

$1,372 billion is the estimated total annual cost of corrosion in the oil and gas production industry. *

*NACE International.

We get it

Corrosion, grease, mud, wax, tar – when these deposits adhere to surfaces and build up over time, at best they reduce efficiency, and at worst, they can trigger catastrophic mechanic failures and unplanned downtime.

From operational and production efficiency, to the back-end waste and water treatment, we work with you to tailor a solution that is specific to your needs.

What can SEM do about it?

Our in-house engineers and chemistry experts allow us to survey, sample and simulate solutions at our own laboratory. Working with like-minded industry experts also helps us to provide the best available and commercially viable solutions.

We don’t just stop at remediating these contaminants. We apply both our expertise and full suite of technologies to treat contaminated waters with high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), heavy metals and free oils residue.

The end result? You maintain safe, clean and productive equipment and infrastructure, while protecting personnel and preserving the environment.

Applicable technologies include: