• 19th Jun 2020
  • Company News

H2OPE AD Bio Project

The Netherlands is well-known for its sustainable approach to waste and this is no different for the AD Biogas sector. With such a strong emphasis on environmental practices, alternative energy sources and around 250 functioning digesters, the Dutch AD Biogas market presents an invaluable opportunity for SEM’s technologies. We are humbled to announce that we have partnered with Dutch SNN and The European Regional Development Fund to deliver a H2OPE AD Bio Project.

The project aims to optimise the bio-fuel feed and the digestible waste products into valuable resources such as organic fertilisers and growth media whilst allowing for re-use of treated water. By replacing one tonne of artificial fertiliser with digestate, we are saving approximately 1 tonne of oil, 108 000 litres of water and 7t CO2 eq.

Our H2OPE AD Bio treatment process is highly energy-efficient which allows for technology users to have an on-site solution with added value, for a fraction of the operational costs of traditional treatment methods and minimal environmental impact. By adapting SEM’s H2OPE AD Bio treatment, AD operators do not only handle their waste streams in a more sustainable manner but also contribute to the circular economy of the Biogas industry.

This project is supported by the province of Groningen (The Netherlands), The Northern Netherlands Provinces Alliance (SNN), Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling (EFRO), and the European Union (EU).