Galvanising solutions

Galvanizing is a widely utilised process for protecting metal from corrosion and is a cost-effective alternative to more expensive materials such as stainless steel and aluminium. The process involves applying a thin coating of zinc to a metal surface, helping to protect the asset from the harsh impact of the surrounding environment.

Prior to galvanizing, the metal surface must undergo a pre-treatment process, to remove any contamination including rust, dirt and scale. This step is critical as the alloying reaction at the heart of the galvanizing process will only occur on a chemically clean surface.

The secret to obtaining a good quality coating lies in the preparation of the surface – and that’s where our tailored solution comes in. At SEM, we have utilised our technological and chemical expertise to develop the pioneering solution for the galvanizing industry, which can work in conjunction with our other solutions to effectively clean and prepare the surface for galvanizing.

Applicable solutions: