• 4th Mar 2020
  • Distilleries

Proteus Water Quality Meter

The Challenge

At SEM, we understand that crafting the precious spirit composes of complex processes and can create a lot of challenges.  With increasing water discharge regulations, it is important to ensure that every stage of the process provides efficient treatment of co-products produced by the distilling industry.

SEM’s team of industry specialists was asked to provide a technology for ‘live’ measurement of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) at the end of pipe and Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for cooling water, utilised on the cooling towers.

Using SEM’s pioneering approach and our strategic partner’s Proteus multimeter, it is the 1st scientifically patented technology in the world for measuring live BOD data, allowing for improved accuracy and cost efficiency, as opposed to traditional, unreliable methods of BOD data measurement.

The Result

After successful completion of SEM’s technology trial, the SEM team was invited to install the Proteus Meter on-site. This was also the first time that the Proteus technology was deployed in a Scottish distillery.

A two-week trial was carried out, monitoring BOD mg/l, COD mg/l, pH. Turbidity (NTU), Temperature (°C) and Conductivity (µS/cm), providing daily reports and live measurements of the variables. Data from the Proteus meter was successfully recorded over the period of 15 days and correlated with the laboratory analysis that was conducted.

Average Value
BOD (mg/l)12.80
Turbidity (NTU)27.75
Temperature (°C)5.90
Conductivity (µS/cm)1108.22

The Solution

By adding Proteus Meter to their operation, the distillery was able to measure real time live BOD data and other various parameters. Storage of the real time data on cloud also allowed for easier access and data tracking. The Proteus technology reduced requirements for manual monitoring, as well as provided a cost-efficient solution to data analysis.

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