• 25th Sep 2020
  • Company News

Beyond Carbon Neutral

It is without a doubt that the last few months shook the world and the ways businesses go about their day-to-day operations. 

Whilst frustrating and worrying at times, the ‘new normal’ also brought the opportunity to embrace the challenge and rethink how to deliver disruptive technologies to our clients in such unparalleled times. 

A challenging feat for sure, but the past few months also brought us closer to our end-goal – circular economy and carbon footprint reduction, not only for our clients but for the company itself. 

Embracing modern technology that we have available at our fingertips, we have been able to both increase our productivity and offset our carbon footprint.

This has resulted in carbon offset between 22.06t and 22.44t CO2 eq for transport alone, over the past four months. 

Applying the same principle to our solutions, our technologies are designed with environmental footprint in mind, minimising the need for off-site transportation and maximising by-product creation. 

With uncertain times lying ahead of us and apparent shifts across many industries we operate in, we aren’t looking to ‘return to normal’, but instead to embrace these changes that global industries are going through.