Fuelled by a belief that there is a better way to repurpose ‘waste' and recover resource and nutrients where possible, we have applied our experience and engineering know-how to develop a range of novel, patented technologies that empower businesses to reduce waste, manage co-products and, where possible, add value to waste streams.

What does this mean for your business?

Managing ‘waste’ and water means different things to different industries. Because we work across multiple sectors, we understand the unique challenges of different businesses and how to tackle them.

What’s more, we look at the bigger picture. Our holistic approach encapsulates the entire process on site – from remediating water and removing solids, to manufacturing new, valuable and saleable products.

Our technology

Our innovative technologies have been designed with sustainability and operational efficiencies in mind. The installation and change-out processes are equally straightforward, which means you can not only sustain, but even enhance your production performance.


We have developed the next generation of de-watering technology, capable of removing substantial volumes of liquid from slurries. Our solutions add real value – capturing and re-circulating micro-solids back through the system ensures maximum capture, and minimum loss of waste.

The end result? Vastly reduced volumes of waste, easing the burden of handling, storage, logistics, and the inherent costs and carbon emissions.

Co-product reduction

Our chemists have taken existing Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technology to the next level. Our smart DAF systems have been designed to remove total suspended solids (TSS), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and oils and greases (O&G), while minimising the use of chemicals.

Providing a solution through a chemistry discipline equals less co-products to transport off-site, you benefit from vastly reduced haulage costs and carbon emissions.

Co-product remediation

Current remediation solutions are far from ideal – you are either transporting co-product water off-site, or using existing inefficient, expensive and power-intensive techniques to remediate it.

Never one to shirk a challenge, we have developed reliable, cost-effective technology that can remediate water and other co-products on-site, allowing you to discharge it on-site too. The impact on your business is huge - ramping up efficiencies, saving on haulage costs and shrinking your carbon footprint.

Water re-use

Applying our expertise to proven water treatment, co-product management technologies and solutions helps you to future-proof your business.

Where possible, we strive to utilise entirely natural products in our filtration technologies, which effectively extracts contaminants from co-product effluent water streams.

Such contaminants include heavy metals, organic, inorganic and biological compounds. This significantly reduces the chemical and biological oxygen demand from inorganic origin and total suspended solids (TSS) from a variety of co-product streams.

We have additional technologies at our disposal that use ozone and Ultra Violet (UV) to break down hydrocarbons and other organic substances into their basic parts, resulting in a simplified co-product stream.

“Our understanding of ‘waste’ processing challenges, combined with our revolutionary thinking, inspires us to find solutions that deliver for you and for your environment.”

Sandy Beveridge
Chief Technology Officer