SEM Epona

Current remediation solutions are largely expensive, inefficient and power-intensive. EPONA offers reliable and cost-effective process that can remediate water and other co-products on site.

How does it work?

EPONA removes volatile contaminants and de-waters the effluent. The system can be customised to optimise valuable solid by-products with high protein content including animal feed. The water fraction is also treated, allowing for safe environmental discharge and / or re-usable clean water.


  • Pot ale production with a fraction of energy and a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional methods
  • Production of thickened and valuable nutrient rich sludge produced from colloids and oil contaminants present in the commingled pot ale / spent lees mix
  • Provides clean, sterile and safe to discharge / re-usable water
  • Minimises transport costs by reducing content as far as possible
  • Removes pathogens present, providing assurance of animal health and maximising storage life

Applicable markets

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