BioAction Products

SEMs BioAction products are a range of biological treatments containing application specific bacteria that effectively digest and treat all forms of organic waste in-situ without using any chemicals, biocides or synthetic enzymes. The products are safe to use, non-pathogenic and environmentally responsible, whilst being highly effective at contamination removal.


Aquaculture/ Waterbodies

BioAction products are designed to slowly release bacteria to digest all organic matter, such as fish and animal waste, food remains, decaying plant materials and sludge, which often result in low water quality, foul odours and the formation of harmful algal blooms. The products treat the build-up of sludge and contaminants in fresh, saline and brackish waters to leave behind a healthy, oxygenated environment in which wildlife, aquatic animals and flora can thrive. They also ensure that recreational waters are free of toxicity to eliminate any danger to humans, whilst also keeping the bodies of water aesthetically pleasing and odour free.

Marine Vessels

SEMs BioAction range includes a specific line of shipboard solutions which can be used in-situ to remove volatile contaminants from various forms of vessel wastewater, including, fats, oils and greases, organic waste, scale, uric acid and sludge.  The solutions are designed to be used whilst vessels are in operation to not only eliminate the negative impact that wastewater can have on the environment and the possibility of heavy fines, but also to minimise downtime. The range of products can be applied to remediate contaminants from grey water, grease traps and grease interceptors and fuel oil separators. We also have solutions to remove oily residues found in engine rooms, scale on heat exchangers, evaporators, freshwater generators and sewage treatment systems.

Biogas and AD

SEMs Biogas Additive is designed to stimulate and improve the efficiency of the anaerobic digestion process. The product is a granulated powder that can be dosed directly into the anaerobic digestion system. It combines a novel mineral carrier with a form of micro-organism (Bacillus) to deliver significant improvements above and beyond using the technologies in isolation. Through this synergy, SEM Biogas Additive can increase the amount of methane produced, decrease the final sludge volume and help to bolster the system it is dosed in to, enhancing stability and overall productivity. Providing both economic and environmental improvements that contribute towards the closing of the bio-economic loop. The strains within SEM Biogas Additive are also known for their plant growth promoting properties and have the potential to improve the value of digestate and sludges destined for agricultural uses.

Hospitality/Food and Drink

Fats, oils and greases often solidify in pipelines, resulting in blocked drains and sewers, flooding, foul odours and infestations by vermin and insects. Our BioAction products contain bacteria which target oil, grease, carbohydrates, proteins and cellulose molecules, breaking them down to quickly reduce blockages. They can also be used to treat organic rich waste streams including dairy, bakery, brewery and slaughterhouse effluent. The solutions are readily biodegradable, contain no chemicals and help to optimise the performance of equipment. They are also proven to degrade contaminants 4 times quicker than other products on the market.


Scale is often found as a result of hard water and if left untreated, it can become a breeding ground for dangerous legionella bacteria. Our descaling solutions are designed to replace traditional strong acids which are hazardous and harmful to the environment. Comprised of plant-based materials, they provide excellent descaling action with no requirement for hazard labelling and can be used across a wide range of applications. These include household cleaning, industrial equipment cleaning and for dosing into systems such as air conditioning and liquid recirculation systems.

Industrial Wastewater

SEMs BioAction product range provides a solution to a variety of wastewater types ranging from municipal wastewater to demanding industrial effluents such as those generated from dairies, slaughterhouses, petrochemical plants and many more. They remove a variety of contaminants to ensure that effluent is in line with discharge legislation. The products are safe to use, non-pathogenic and environmentally responsible, whilst being highly effective at contamination removal.

 Key Benefits

  • Each product in the range contains up to 5 billion CFU per gram
  • All-naturally occurring bacterial ingredients
  • 100% non-toxic
  • 100% environmentally responsible
  • 100% safe for human, animal, aquatic, avian and wildlife
  • Easy to use, with no specialist training required
  • Treatment carried out in-situ leading to a reduced carbon load

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