BioAction Products

SEM BioAction products are specifically designed to treat all forms of organic waste, including polluted waters, lakes, ponds, rivers, lagoons etc…grease traps, lift/pump stations etc…, hydrocarbons and uric acid/scale build-up, WC’s/Soil stacks, drains etc…

Containing 5 billion naturally occurring bacteria CFU (colony forming unit) per gram, the bacterial treatment products are 100% environmentally responsible.

How do they work?

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

The BioAction products have been developed to enhance aerobic grease mitigation and sludge digestion to address the challenges of lift/pump stations and wet wells. They are designed to clean the entirety of the sewage holding tank within the lift/pump station, not just the FOG on the surface. The effervescent property of the BioAction tablets releases ‘active oxygen’, which boosts the FOG eliminating bacteria throughout the entire wastewater system. As a result, this extends equipment life, reduces blockages, reduces power consumption due to reduced loads and maximises flow rates as sediments are minimised.

Ponds, Lakes and Lagoons

BioAction products are designed to slowly release bacterial treatment to digest sludge at the bottom of the waterbed whilst oxygenating the water using its unique separation technology. The bacteria digests sludge and hydrocarbons, therefore cutting off the food source for algae and weeds. They are successful in reducing sludge, algae and weeds, whilst neutralising the pH of water and increasing aerobic DO (Dissolved Oxygen) levels to help eliminate odours, aiding wildlife to thrive.

Grease Traps

The BioAction range has an active oxygen action that releases efficient non-pathogenic bacterial colonies throughout the grease trap, which digest the FOG and keep the equipment FOG free.

They also capture and neutralise odours, eliminating the need to use toxic chemicals and high-pressure water jets which, over time, degrade equipment and pipe networks. The BioAction products do not require any power, pumps, dispensers or the need to transport away for treatment reducing any potential carbon load  They are a cost-effective solution to FOG remediation, whilst eliminating odours and extending equipment life.


BioAction products will digest hydrocarbons (long & short chains) naturally, with over 5 billion bacteria CFU per gram, the treatment is 100% environmentally friendly and 100% safe for all human, animal, aquatic and wildlife. This unique blend of specific non-pathogenic bacteria is chosen to digest specific pollutants. Once the bacteria have digested all of the pollutants, they die off (no food source left) and are washed away. BioAction solutions reduce hydrocarbons, corrosive gases and toxic sludge, eliminate odours, extend equipment life and significantly reduce costs.

Uric Acid

BioAction tablets have a unique bacterial formula to digest uric crystals and prevent further build-up without damaging pipework and fittings. This eliminates nasty odours naturally whilst extending equipment life and reducing costs. They work in both flushing and waterless urinals by digesting the organic uric acid element and breaking down the scale within the bowl, bottle trap and surrounding pipework. This eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, high pressure hoses (damaging joints/seals) or rodding to un-block scale build-up.

 Key Benefits

  • Each dose contains over 5 billion bacterial CFU per gram
  • All-naturally occurring bacterial ingredients
  • 100% non-toxic
  • 100% environmentally responsible
  • 100% safe for human, animal, aquatic, avian and wildlife
  • Eliminates odours
  • No PPE or COSHH required
  • Easy to use
  • No specialist training required
  • Treatment carried out in-situ leading to a reduced carbon load

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