SEM Distillery

Estimated volume of 4 million tonnes of co-product outputs is generated annually. *

*SWA (Statistical Report 2013)

We get it

The balancing act of processing co-product streams, while maintaining production targets, isn’t news to you.

You generate around 8 – 10 litres of pot ale and 18 litres of spent wash per litre of alcohol. You shouldn’t need to put strong focus on running an effluent plant but focus on producing the precious spirit. You need a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution that will allow for both.

What can SEM do about it?

We work with you to create bespoke site-based solutions that will optimise your current coproduct management processes.

Through our range of technologies and use of green chemicals, we implement on-site treatment to promote sustainability in the management and treatment of pot ale, spent lees and tank washings. Our solutions help reduce co-product volumes and allow for re-purposing of dry-matter outputs or safe discharge of clean water to the local watercourse.

Our approach makes sound business sense. It also makes sound environmental sense, helping you to reduce emissions from tankers on our roads, and protect ecosystems from potentially harmful co-products. Closely working with other industries, we see the real value of distillery co-products.

Raw draff has a high nutrient fiber and protein content and as such makes for an excellent livestock feed, soil additive or anaerobic digestion feedstock.

Aside from water, pot ale contains solid fractions with high nutrient and protein contents. This makes it an excellent livestock feed or anaerobic digestion feedstock. In combination with draff it can also make an extremely high-quality derived fuel with high energy and low chlorine content.

We are continuously working with academia to identify other uses of by-products created from your own streams. SEM’s activity across different markets also allows for increased likelihood of by-products’ route to the market. This is our added commitment to you as a true sustainable and business partner.

But it doesn’t end there. In conjunction with out strategic partner, SEM offers live data measuring technology. First of its kind, the technology allows for measurement of 30+ different contaminants, allowing us to tailor just the right solution for you.

Applicable technologies include: