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SEM Chemical Solutions

We get it

We believe that technology, industry, and conservation can – and should – work together to sustain our people and our planet. Each of our chemical solutions embodies that ethos. We harness innovative ideas and new technologies with tried and tested methodologies. The end result? You maintain safe, clean and productive equipment and infrastructure, while protecting personnel and preserving the environment. Conserving health and wealth.

What can SEM do about it?

With experience across the oil and gas, agriculture, marine and manufacturing sectors, there is not a lot our team doesn’t know about asset maintenance and protection.

So whatever industry you’re in, and whichever challenges you encounter, we have a tailored solution to solve it. Safely. Efficiently, Sustainably.

SEM’s plant-based solutions improve properties and functions of our formulations whilst being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Key benefits of using products from our green chemical range include:

  • Organic, biodegradable, non-hazardous and from a sustainable source
  • Carbon footprint negative
  • Highly efficient 30% reduction in sludge generation compared to metal salt coagulants
  • Reduces disposal costs & offers alternative disposal routes
  • Non-toxic
  • Low molecular weight
  • Low dose rates compared to metal salt coagulants

Corrosion removal and prevention

The problem

 $2.5 trillion dollars.

That’s the annual cost of asset failures caused by corrosion.*

*NACE International Impact Report, 2016


At best corrosion reduces efficiency, as many processes require virgin metal surfaces to operate effectively. At worst, it can lead to catastrophic failures, risking infrastructure, and more importantly, lives.

The solution

Our flagship rust removal technology – SDR – leads the charge on this one. A product which evolved from the realms of chemistry and engineering, SDR is suitable for use on all grades of steel. The pH neutral technology is flexible, water based and non-toxic.

The full range encompasses chemical solutions tailored for a range of corrosion treatments. As you would expect, each is adaptable across a range of applications, safe and efficient. What’s more, corrosion inhibition protects assets for the longer term.

Wax, tar and crude removal

The problem

In the oil and gas industry, severe cases of wax deposits can completely block pipelines, downhole tubulars and process facilities, costing the industry millions of pounds in downtime alone. Conventional preventative solutions often don’t solve the problem.

The solution

Whether you need a heavy-duty degreasing solvent to eradicate stubborn hydrocarbon deposits and blockages, or a water-based product to remove mud and oily deposits, we have a product to match. Each combines high efficacy and safety, with low volatility and non-flammability.

Benzene and lower explosive limit reductions

The problem

Benzene has long been recognised as a carcinogen, with recent concerns centring on the effects of continuous exposure to low concentrations of benzene both occupationally and environmentally. It’s also highly volatile.

The solution

SEM VapourFree has been designed for tank and vessel cleaning where LEL and benzene levels prevent safe entry by personnel. The solution acts quickly to control and lower benzene and LEL levels as well as cleaning in the same process.

Uniquely, the solution works using a cold application method. This offers huge commercial, environmental and operational benefits, reducing both man-hours and carbon emissions.

Deluge system cleaning

The problem

Corrosion is the number one cause of sprinkler system failure. It can also cause pinhole leaks, leading to loss of production, shutdown, and in a worst-case scenario, personal injury or fatalities.

The solution

Deluge System CP is a corrosion inhibitor especially designed for use in offshore deluge systems where traditional film-forming inhibitors cannot be used. The active ingredients in Deluge System CP have long been used in food and medical applications, making it safe for use where exposure is likely.

Scale removal

The problem

Deposits of scale-forming salt build up on equipment surfaces in many industrial systems. In a worst case scenario, it can result in the complete shutdown of operations.

The solution

ScaleSolv and Barsol NS have been tailored to eliminate either calcium carbonate scale deposits, or more stubborn, acid resistant barium scales. Our products are well suited to the offshore oil and gas industry. With their proven ability to penetrate and eradicate the build-up of scale deposits, they help you to maintain your assets and optimise production.

Degreasers and deck-wash

Our degreasing products are designed for use across a multitude of industrial situations. From cleaning process machinery and storage tanks, to topside equipment and lock block, each solution in our range is safe and fully biodegradable.

The Problem

Occurrence of grease over time is a natural part of the process. But so is cleaning and maintenance. Not only can this can help to ensure a safe and healthy working environment but also to help with efficiency.

The solution

SEM Eco-Clean, E-Deck and Eco-wash are powerful environmentally friendly degreasers suitable for use in many industrial situations, especially where there is concern for the environmental impact of the chemicals being used.