SEM Biogas

AD has the potential to reduce global GHG emissions by 3,290 to 4,360 Mt CO2 eq., which is equivalent to 10-13% of the world’s current greenhouse gas emission. *

*Data IEA/OECD (2018), World Energy Outlook, Paris

We get it

The balancing act of managing your digestate while maintaining production targets isn’t news to you.

The typically low level of solids in the digestate makes it particularly difficult to manage, store and haul off-site. Not mentioning the added value that digestate creates.

What can SEM do about it?

The AD and Biogas market offers true circular economy and we work hard to do our share.

We can play as small or as large part in your plant’s development and evolution based on your requirements and needs.

From offering upfront remediation of your feedstock, including de-watering but also optimisation, to identifying new feedstocks for your plant to increase production and gas yield. We go out of our way to understand the special requirements of your operations.

Managing the digestate is where we see the real value. We believe that farm-land spreading is no longer a sustainable solution and that there is a better way of the co-product processing. Applying our H2OPE technology offers the complete circular process. The technology converts waste co-product into high value products while utilising your very own by-product energy on-site.

We are dedicated to finding other potential by-products that can be created from your own waste streams to maximise your operations and provide an environmental solution. This is where our added commitment to you lies.

Applicable technologies include: