SEM Agriculture

125 billion tonnes of undiluted excreta is produced globally every year. *

*Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

We get it

We understand the challenges involved in processing large volumes of slurry, especially in seasons with peak rainfall. The handling, storage and transportation. The resources and costs.

The solution is simple – treat your liquid slurries effectively and generate more value from your co-product. We work with you to do just that.

Working with other markets close to Agriculture, we enable by-products to be purchased in either direction. Not only does this improve the level of sustainability but also makes robust business sense.

What can SEM do about it?

SEM offers several cost-effective treatment systems which can operate individually or in combination, to remove solids from slurry.

Through our range of technologies, the slurry is de-watered to create a dry stock that can be further optimised into a valuable by-product. Such by-product can be created into a livestock bedding, bio-energy feedstock or fertiliser. The fertiliser can be either recycled on your own land or sold to other markets to create additional value.

The liquid can then be further treated for re-use on-site, on the land or, safely discharged to local watercourse.

We are continuously working with you on creation of by-products from your own co-product waste streams and partnering with other markets where these by-products are in demand. This is our commitment to the environment but also to you as a true sustainable partner in waste management.

Applicable technologies include: