Supporting farms with slurry management, by applying our technologies and solutions to ultimately reduce both the handling and treatment of waste. Our goal is to separate out the liquid phase for treatment and re-use, and substantially de-water the solids to create an optimised, valuable by-product for re-purpose. This could be livestock bedding, bio-fuel or fertiliser.

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Delivering technologies and solutions in effective handling and treatment of digestate. Your process has created valuable energy from other market's co-product waste streams and why should you suffer in dealing with your own co-product. We aim to provide a tailored engineering and technology solution to meet the demands of your Biogas plant in the handling and remediation of the digestate with a view to create valuable by-products.

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Implementing effective on-site treatment to promote sustainability in the management and treatment of pot ale, spent lees and tank washings. Our main focus is to reduce the volumes of co-products that are managed and collected off-site but also to ensure that clean water can be either re-purposed on-site or, safely discharged to the water course.

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Providing effective treatment of industrial slurries, slops and produced waters. By separating the contaminated solids from the liquid phase, greatly reducing the cost of disposal. This is particularly relevant with regard to solids laden with NORM scale or heavy metals. The liquid phase can then be treated for re-use or re-purpose.

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Ports and Harbours

Delivering quayside solutions in waste reduction and water treatment to process ballast, industrial and washdown water. This shrinks the costs and resources associated with collection, handling, storage and disposal. Ultimately, our solutions enable you to re-use clean water in quayside operations, or safe discharge to foul sewer or natural watercourse.

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“Our understanding of ‘waste’ processing challenges, combined with our revolutionary thinking, inspires us to find solutions that deliver for you and for your environment.”

Sandy Beveridge