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Sustainable solutions
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We believe that technology, industry, and conservation can – and should – work together to sustain our people and our planet. Each of our chemical solutions embodies that ethos. We harness innovative ideas and create new technologies with tried and tested methodologies. The end result? You maintain safe, clean and productive equipment and infrastructure, while protecting personnel and preserving the environment. Conserving health and wealth.


Corrosion removal and prevention

Corrosion poses a great challenge to business worldwide. At SEM, we do things differently and develop specific technology and solutions to achieve level of efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness, that are simply not possible with traditional methods. Our industry-leading solutions are advanced rust removal technologies that can be used on all grades of steel. With dilution as low as 5%, we also reduce the need for as much transport and storage space.

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Wax, tar and crude removal

The oil and gas industry is notoriously known for its severe cases of wax deposits and their impact on pipelines, downhole tubulars and process facilities. Conventional preventive solutions often don’t solve the problem and that is where SEM comes in, regardless of your specific needs, we have a product to match.

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Benzene and lower exposure limit reductions

Benzene has long been recognised as carcinogen and continuous exposure to even low concentration can be considered both occupational and environmental hazard. At SEM, we offer solutions tackling this challenge and lowering benzene and LEL levels, providing a safe environment for the personnel and our planet.

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Deluge system cleaning

Corrosion is the number one case of sprinkle system failure. At SEM, we provide a corrosion inhibitor specifically designed for use in offshore deluge systems where traditional fil-forming inhibitors cannot be used.

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Scale removal

Challenges associated with scale are apparent across various industries. We want to change that. SEM’s solutions have been tailored to suit your specific needs. Calcium carbonate scale deposits or acid resistant barium scale? We have the solution to help you maintain your assets and optimise your production.

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Degreasers and deck-wash

Our degreasing products are designed for use across a multitude of industrial situations. From cleaning process machinery and storage tanks, to topside equipment and lock block, each solution in our range is safe and fully biodegradable.

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Galvanizing is a widely utilised process, protecting metal surfaces from corrosion. It is vital that the metal is clean prior to treatment and that is what you car ensure with our revolutionary rust removal and inhibitor, specifically tailored to the galvanizing industry and its challenges.

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Petcoke Solutions

Petroleum Coke is a carbon-rich solid by-product of crude oil refinery process. Whilst ‘Petcoke’ remains a valuable by-product, its build up can cause equipment challenges. We utilise our experience and pioneering solutions to combat the loss of efficiency in the refinery process while ensuring cost-effective and maintained safety at all times.

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Mobile Solutions

We know that balancing efficient operations and equipment maintenance is not always an easy task. That’s why we are here to help and provide solutions that only fit your schedule but also your equipment maintenance requirements.

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Sanitation Solutions

We are all about combining innovation with the means of sustaining our planet and its people. Now, more than ever, the importance of protecting ourselves from harmful infection and disease is crucial across multiple industries. At SEM, we are combining effective solutions with no compromise to the environment.

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