• 15th Aug 2019

Vapour Free Tank Cleaning

The Challenge

Our client had a 15-metre-high, tower tank that contained a xylene methanol mix, with levels of benzene in excess of 1000 ppm (parts per million).

With the gas alarm sounding, SEM was engaged to provide a solution, to decontaminate and degas the tank down to safe levels, to enable the client to carry out further work. This was the perfect job for Vapour Free.

The Result

By the way of foam lance, the Vapour Free solution was introduced and applied from the top of the tank. From as early as 5 minutes into the process, the benzene level readings shown were as low as 0.05 ppm.

Whilst on the client’s premises, Vapour Free was also used to clean and decontaminate the waste within a heavily contaminated oil tanker. At a 5% dilution in potable water, Vapour Free was applied through a 360º whizzy head for 30 minutes on the internal surfaces. On inspection, the surfaces were found to be completely free from any hydrocarbons.

The Solution

For the duration of the project, readings were taken regularly over a 24-hour period and the results remained less than 1 ppm. This demonstrated a clear indication of the capability of Vapour Free, to stabilise and control both LEL and benzene levels within the tank.

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