About Us

with shades
of green

SEM was born of a relentless drive to do things differently, to help both businesses – and the environments they inhabit – to flourish.

We are inspired by a common purpose. We work to shared values, we are galvanised and engaged and we give more of ourselves to work towards a shared endeavour.

Of course, changing business models and practices, not to mention mind-sets is no mean feat. It’s just as well we thrive on a challenge. We avidly embrace and pioneer disruptive new technologies that process co-products from ‘waste’ streams and deliver innovative water treatment solutions for industry.

We are working towards the evolution of a waste-free, circular economy in the future, securing our planet’s health and wealth for generations to come.

Of course, this idealism is tempered with realism, hence the ‘shades of green’. We know that we have some way to go before realising our environmental ambitions, but by making small yet substantial changes, we’re already well on the road to our destination.

Because at SEM, it’s our mission to sustain people, planet and business in equal measure.

Our Team

We are passionate about our people, integrity, society, and the environment

We are inspired by a common purpose, working to shared values, galvanised and engaged, giving more of themselves to a common and shared endeavour.

To be successful and effective in growing our business, we also strive to live our values:

  • We have a passion for our customers and will meet their specific needs through excellent service
  • We aim to contribute positively to our communities and environment
  • We treat each other with respect, dignity, honesty and integrity
  • We recognise and reward individual contributions
  • We embrace diversity in the way we conduct business


We support farms with slurry management by applying our technologies and solutions to ultimately reduce waste handling. Our goal is to separate out the liquid phase for treatment and re-use, and substantially de-water the dry matter to create an optimised, valuable co-product for re-purpose. This could be livestock bedding, bio-fuel or fertiliser.


We implement effective on-site treatment to promote sustainability in the management and treatment of pot ale, spent lees and tank washings. Our main focus is to reduce co-product volumes to minimise handling, storage and collection requirements, in addition to the re-purpose of the dry matter outputs and re-use of clean water.


We deliver quayside solutions in waste reduction and water treatment to process ballast, industrial and washdown water to minimise the cost and resources associated with collection, handling, storage and disposal. Ultimately, allowing for the re-use of clean water on the quayside operation, or safe discharge to foul sewer or natural watercourse.

In addition, we have developed a proven, advanced rust removal solution for pipework that is non-toxic, non-acidic and active only on rust, ensuring it will not react with the component material.


Providing effective treatment of industrial slurries, slops and produced waters.

We separate the contaminated dry matter from the liquid phase, greatly reducing the cost of disposal. This is particularly pertinent with regard to solids laden with NORM scale or heavy metals. The liquid phase can then be treated for re-purpose.